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CHC vs CHD Calculator, Amulet Drop Table for 2.1.2, DH High GR on PTR Battle of the Best #2 Deck Lists, Amazon App Store Card Pack Promo, Versus Series: Lineman vs Jonpi Into the Nexus #32 - Frostmourne Hungers, Epic Plays of the Wee...
Published Dec 22, 2014
PTR on Holidays, Blue Posts Holiday Break, Rift Trials Improvements, Item Synthesis Suggestion Battle of the Best Invitational #2 Survival Guide Illidan Evasion Hotfix - Dec 18th, Town Hall Heroes #44 - Holiday Special 2014 Paragon ...
Published Dec 20, 2014
Update (9:20 PM EST): Added Dec 18 hotfixes Raid Finder Missing Loot, December 17 Hotfixes, Highmaul Raid Guides World of Warcraft in the New Year Lots of Patch 6.1 and other announcements today! Tradable game time tokens that you ca...
Published Dec 18, 2014
WD Cosplay, WD Fanart, Carnevil Changes, Play Your Way Reminder Hearthstone on Android Rolls Out, Hearthstone Developer AMA Recap Hero Rotation for Dec. 16, 2014, Shop Updates, Skin Preview: Betrayer Malfurion Raid Finder Highmaul -...
Published Dec 18, 2014
Monk Cosplay, Monk Fanart, SilverBlast "Quicksilver" Build Hearthstone on Android now Available Globally Hero Rotation for Dec. 16, 2014, Shop Updates, Skin Preview: Betrayer Malfurion Winter Veil 2014 The Feast of Winter Veil is he...
Published Dec 17, 2014
Play Your Way Livestream, Raekor's Feedback, Death's Bargain not a Good Deal Hearthstone on Android Rolls Out, Hearthstone Developer AMA Recap Unreleased Heroes Update, Epic Plays of the Week #8 Patch 6.0.3 Hotfixes - December 15 ...
Published Dec 16, 2014
Play Your Way Livestream, Raekor's Feedback, Death's Bargain not a Good Deal Popular Decks of the Week, Deck Spotlight: Jotto's Tempo Shaman Hotfix for Stimpacks and Long Queues, Into the Nexus #31 - Be the Boss Armory Stats - Mists...
Published Dec 15, 2014
Paragon - Mythic Highmaul World First Highmaul has been cleared on Mythic difficulty by Paragon. Congratulations!
Published Dec 13, 2014
Update (1 PM EST): Paragon has killed Imperator Mar'gok, with only The Butcher remaining. Hellfire Amulet and Hodradric Caches, Marauder Hotfix and Leaderboard Reset, Heroes vs Malthael Fanart Dev Reddit AMA Next Week, Deck Spotlight...
Published Dec 13, 2014
Focused Feedback Update, Boon of the Hoarder Change, Immortal Support Monk The Instance Hearthstone Dev Interview, Deck Spotlights: Fire's Mech Priest & Avast! Pirate/Weaponpower Rogue Brawl with the Blues - December 18th, Town Hal...
Published Dec 12, 2014
Here you'll find a list of hotfixes that address various issues related to the recently released World of Warcraft patch 6.0.3. Hotfixes are updates we make on our end without requiring you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes b...
Published Dec 20, 2014
New Warcraft Fan Art The World of Warcraft Fan Art Section has been updated with two new pieces of fan artwork. New Blizzard Art We've added more pieces to our World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor Art gallery. Have a look at ass...
Published Dec 19, 2014
Join Blizzard’s Vice President of Art & Cinematic Development Nick Carpenter and Steve Wang of Alliance Studio as they create the Grommash Hellscream statue which debuted at BlizzCon 2014.
Published Dec 17, 2014
To celebrate Winter Veil, we’re offering holiday savings of 50% on select World of Warcraft mounts and pets. Through January 5, 2015, you can take advantage of the following deals in the Shop: World of Warcraft Pets — Now...
Published Dec 16, 2014
OVERVIEW ACTIVITIES ITEMS ACHIEVEMENTS EVENTS DETAILS When December 16 – January 2. Where Most Major Cities (with decorations throughout Azeroth, Outland, North...
Published Dec 16, 2014
Bring home Argi today and support Ebola relief in the process. This impossibly cute little new pet will jump into your heart and nibble at your Blue Woolen Socks. She’s ready to help guide you through the savage lands of Draenor, climb...
Published Dec 4, 2014
The Alliance bike built for Azeroth Choppers is now available in World of Warcraft. Alliance characters can purchase this mount from Paulie in Stormwind's Old Town district for the premium price of 100,000g. Once you've purchased this...
Published Dec 4, 2014
This sale has ended. It’s the perfect time to give the gift of World of Warcraft during our Black Friday sale. Players are now able to purchase the original World of Warcraft, The Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm, ...
Published Dec 4, 2014
Highmaul is the seat of power for the Gorian Empire, the ogre civilization that ruled Draenor for generations until the arrival of the draenei. A massive city that belies the ogre reputation for brutish stupidity, Highmaul is full of bus...
Published Dec 2, 2014
Hello and welcome to the Blood Elf edition of Artcraft! We know that many of you have been waiting for this update, so I’ll just provide some quick background and then get straight into the imagery. We’re aware that it’s not ideal...
Published Nov 25, 2014
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