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Louden ao
Sun at 23:53
Hope everyone is doing well. I start back to school tomorrow and look forward to getting my learn on. \
Mon at 22:42
Louden ao
Tue at 0:19
Simmer down B - Rad.
Tue at 1:23
also Louden check out swgemu pub 9 is out
Louden ao
Tue at 5:43
Is publish 10 the planned wipe/reset?
Tue at 7:31
Publish 10 is the finish. Then they will launch a 1.0 which has the game playing at the last version before the CU
Louden ao
Tue at 13:44
What are you aiming for at launch? Aiming to create a small BH team, grinding jedi or what?
21 hours ago
not jedi. the grind will be different from what it was. it will be their own design
21 hours ago
either BH team or just PvP setups
Louden ao
3 hours ago
If you gather up who might also be interested we can meet up in comms one night to go over possible setups.
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